Friday, February 10, 2012

Glazed Lemon Cookies

There have been fewer home-baked cookies here at the castle lately. 
Sadly, the waistband of my jeans has been complaining.  I believe it was saying --  weakly and a bit melodramatically, if you ask me -- "More spandex, please."  But I am listening to the waistband of my favorite jeans, with the result of fewer treats around here lately.
But these?  These lovely little lemon gems?  I could not pass these up.
And they're small.
So small.
They hardly even count, unless you nibble your way through six or eight of them.
You hear that, jeans waistband?  THEY HARDLY COUNT.
There.  I do feel better.

Glazed lemon cookies, recipe from a back issue of Real Simple magazine.  I made them exactly as instructed; next time I will bake them just a tad less (rather than the 16 - 20 minutes recommended, I will try about 14 minutes).  Delicious.
And small.  Did I mention small?